An animist with a goth nesting instinct documents the development of a dark monastic retreat for rest and incubation. Contemplative practice, Norse goddess shrines, & dark ambient-drone music.
Just released: a new anthology of writings by monastics in the modern polytheist revival.
Reflections on Learning Ways of Non-Contrivance, Part 1
Announcing: a long-awaited new anthology by monastics in the modern polytheist revival. Editor: Janet Munin. Consultant: Danica Swanson.
In Praise of Holy Darkness and the Nordic/Germanic Holy Powers
The first in a series of photo retrospectives on shrine-building work at the Sanctuary
From the Black Stone Sanctuary collection of reader favorites (2020)
PRAYER TO FULLA Hail Fulla! Keeper of the ashen chest Bearing the jewels of Asgard's Queen, Adorn us with Your wisdom and abundance. Teach us to trust…
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Of Hearth & Shadow: Notes From Black Stone Sanctuary